Impact 7-Aside


Donation Guidelines

Southern Irrigation is a part of the Chilliwack community - and believes in its people and its potential. To contribute to the continued growth and well-being of this community, Southern Irrigation sponsors the annual Impact Soccer Tournament, which raises funds for charities within our community.  Each year, Southern Irrigation selects a charitable organization to be the recipient of the funds raised by this tournament.


Over the past six years, the Impact Soccer Tournament has raised money for several local charities.  Previous recipients include The Canadian Cancer Society, BC Children’s Hospital, the Fraser Valley Down Syndrome Society, Chilliwack Pro-Life, Canadian Center for Bioethical Reform, and Ann Davis Transition Society.  Last year’s tournament raised $60,000 for the Cyrus Centre.  While established organizations have been funded in the past, grassroots and local non-profit organizations are also welcome to apply for funding.


If you would like Southern Irrigation to consider your charity for funding, please review the following criteria:  

  • The requesting charity/organization’s mission is centered on improving the quality of life in the Fraser Valley.

  • The requesting charity/organization’s values and goals align with Christian principles.

  • The requesting charity/organization’s financial management is structured and transparent.

  • The requesting charity/organization relies mainly on volunteers.

  • The requesting charity/organization is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.

  • The requesting charity/organization must fill out a donation request form.

Please note that each year we receive many requests for funding and, unfortunately, can only select one charitable organization per year.  Also, priority will be given to projects that fulfill a recognized need within our community and that benefit our community at large.  Requests for funding will be reviewed by Southern Irrigation’s Impact Soccer Committee. Please expect a response by March 1, 2019.

Please submit requests online at .