Impact 7-Aside



Impact 7-Aside Team Roster 2018

Registration is full for the 2018 tournament! 

Competitive Division

Pool A 

  1. Chiefs (Dale Long)
  2. Oxylife Outlaws (Chris Van Dyk)
  3. Killer Puppies (Tristan Sommer)
  4. Internacional (Miguel Rojas)
  5. Veto FC (Stephan Den Boer)

Pool B 

  1. Chilliwack City (Nicholas Bosch)
  2. Castle Queens (Phil Castle)
  3. Engel United (Steve Lindhout)
  4. Diamond Finish (Faron Charlie)
  5. Saints FC (Alexis Westeringh)

Fun Division

Pool A

  1. United (Larissa Goudzwaard/Arianne Dekker)
  2. FC Commanders (Ryan Lindhout)
  3. LawnPro Weedwackers (Jesse Eckhardt)
  4. Macho Unicorns (Denika Joiner)

Pool B

  1. Rosedale Rush (Andrew Overbeek)
  2. Crazy Cleats (Levi Van Wingerden)
  3. Straight Shooters (Damaris Delooff)
  4. The Wolves (Blair Neels)

Corporate Division

1. Southern Irrigation Blue Crew
2. Woodtone FC
3. Timbro Timberwolves
4. Baker Newby Bumblebees
5. HUB Barton
6. Jakes Contracting